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The future of patient-centered care

David Moen, M.D., is starting a healthcare strategy and physician leadership consulting company based in Stillwater, MN

A temporary tattoo that brings hospital care to the home

What if doctors could monitor patients at home with the same degree of accuracy they'd get during a stay at the hospital? Bioelectronics innovator Todd Coleman shares his quest to develop wearable, flexible electronic health monitoring patches that promise to revolutionize healthcare and make medicine less invasive.

Medicine's future? There's an app for that

Daniel Kraft offers a fast-paced look at the next few years of innovations in medicine, powered by new tools, tests and apps that bring diagnostic information right to the patient's bedside.

Top Digital Health Trends In 2019 - The Medical Futurist

The digital health trends to watch in 2020: What global trends are shaping the year ahead and are expected to have the biggest impact on healthcare? Read our predictions about national digital health strategies, 5G, Amazon's and Google's march into healthcare and more. Here are the major trends that we look forward to.

Nursing Informatics: Beyond the Electronic Health Record

What is informatics? More specifically, what is nursing informatics? How does technology affect patient privacy and the electronic health record? Dr. Wilson will address these questions a more--a topic of interest for patients and caregivers.

Introduction to Public Health Informatics

See an example of informatics at work in CDC’s FluView Interactive, a series of dynamic pictures that allow any Internet user to access influenza (flu) information collected by CDC’s monitoring systems. This video uses the metaphor of building a house to show how informaticians build an information system working closely with programmers, network and data base administrators, security specialists, and Web designers.

The Empowered You: How Healthcare Is Evolving With Technology

Daniel Kraft has a vision of a healthcare system that trusts the patient to be involved with their own care. Through technology that can track everything from your heart rate to your blood pressure and hormonal levels, we have the power to know more about our bodies than ever before. What will it be like to have minute-by-minute information on our bodies? How would it change our habits? How will it change our healthcare system? Watch Daniel's talk to learn about the medical care of the future!

Understanding Digital Health Webinar

Digital technologies are changing the healthcare sector at an unprecedented pace. Learn about this rapidly evolving field of "digital health" in this complimentary webinar with Professor Stan Kachnowski, faculty director of our Digital Health Strategy program.