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Canadian Medical Association Journal

Open Access
CMAJ Open, an online open-access journal, was launched in January 2013. CMAJ Open welcomes high-quality research from all medical and health disciplines. Content is of interest to physicians and other health care professionals, health administrators, policy makers and patients, in Canada and internationally—and is available to readers at no charge

HIMSS Resource Center

Free Articles
On-demand articles, webinars and infographics
Get actionable insights into health information and technology topics from our subject matter experts

International Journal of Medical Informatics

Open Access
Provides an international medium for dissemination of original results and interpretative reviews concerning the field of medical informatics

SAGE Health Informatics Journals

Open Access
SAGE Health Informatics Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal. All papers submitted to SAGE Health Informatics Journal are subject to peer review by members of a carefully appointed editorial board

British Medical Journal,
Health & Care Informatics

Open Access
The essential scope of the journal is how informatics supports improvements in direct health and care service provision, but also incorporates public health strategies and interventions, implementation of learning health systems and national policy issues

Journal of Health & Medical Informatics

Open Access
Academic journal that encompasses a wide range of current research on Applied Medical Informatics, Biomedical Informatics, Clinical Informatics, Consumer Health Informatics, Dental Informatics, Health Care Records, Hospital Informatics, Mental Health Informatics, Advances in Health Care Technology

Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

Open Access
CJNI is an independent, peer - reviewed, online, open, quarterly journal.

JMIR Medical Informatics

Open Access
JMIR Medical Informatics (JMI, ISSN 2291-9694; Impact Factor: 2.58) (Editor-in-chief: Christian Lovis MD MPH FACMI) is a PubMed/SCIE-indexed journal that focuses on clinical informatics, big data in health and health care, decision support for health professionals, electronic health records, ehealth infrastructures and implementation

The Lancet Digital Health

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Wait Times in emergency departments

Publisher: Ontario Health Quality
Publication Type: System Performance

Performance measures on Wait Times, hospital patients safety, Long-Term Care, Home Care, Primary Care

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Opioid prescribing in Ontario

Publisher: Ontario Health Quality
Publication Type: Specialized reports

Despite the increasing numbers of opioid-related deaths and the growing prevalence of opioid addiction, the total number of prescriptions filled in Ontario continues to rise.

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Hallway Health Care: A System Under Strain

Publisher: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
First Interim Report from the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine

Hallway health care is a significant problem in Ontario. The entire health care system is too complicated to navigate, people are waiting too long to receive care and too often are receiving care in the wrong place; as a result, our hospitals are crowded

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How to write an academic paper

A Guide

Learning how to write an academic paper is an essential skill that can help you in school and in your career. Although it may seem as a daunting task at first, these tips can help ease the process and get you more familiarized with the various steps needed to write a strong academic paper.

1. Select a topic

  • An important part of writing the paper itself is choosing a topic (if one is not already assigned to you). Follow the instructions that are provided to you by your professor and if you are confused or uncertain, consult with your professor.

2. Create deadlines

  • Start early!! This gives you the opportunity to ask the professor any questions you may have and may the proper edits before time runs out.
  • Create smaller deadlines that help you stay on track.

3. Research

  1. Use peer-reviewed and academic journals to conduct research for your topic. Journal articles are available through the George Brown College library. It is important not to use sources such as Wikipedia as they are unreliable and can provide you with incorrect information. You can also use Ulrichs to check if your paper is peer-reviewed. 
  2. Consider the journals impact factor
  1. Read multiple articles on the topic This will help to gather different viewpoints and to gain more knowledge about the topic itself. It will help you provide a solid argument and evidence for the topic of your paper. 

4. Create an outline and first draft

  • This will help you organize and lay out your thoughts and ideas. Writing a first draft will give you a sense of what direction you would like to take with the paper.

5. Revision

  • Once completed, read your paper over a few times to ensure there are not any grammatical or spelling mistakes. 
  • Read it aloud to detect any errors in structure or reasoning. 
  • Have a peer read and comment on your paper.
  • Make sure that everything in your paper relates back to your argument.

6. Citations

7. Do not plagiarize!