The Project

T4, your student companion

HiT4 is a Health Informatics platform where students learn, share and connect.


The idea for the project started as a collection of class notes taken in the Health Informatics program at George Brown College while learning new concepts and tools in Business Analysis, Project Management and Health Information Systems.

Later, the importance of networking, mentorship, connecting with peers and becoming familiar with thought leaders in the digital health community became more evident as students sought potential coop/job opportunities and a better understanding of the digital health space. This leaves the Informatics student scampering through the internet to learn, connect and search useful information. Thus necessitating a platform dedicated solely to the needs of Health Informatics students.

The project has received tremendous support from the course coordinator of Health Informatics, Prof. Therese Bernier who introduced the project to the Chair of Computer Technology, Albert Danison who also threw his full weight behind the project.

Click here to View the first original proposal written for the project

The purpose

Digital health is evolving so rapidly, its hard to keep up. For the emerging Health Informatics student, staying up-to-date is essential to a successful career. As students conclude their program, they are faced with the challenge of securing coop placements and searching for jobs. Success in this area often require a good awareness of the digital health community, collaboration among students and leveraging networking opportunities through social networking and events.

The Idea

Initially planned to be deployed as a mobile app, HiT4 is a web platform serving as a knowledge repository as well as a place for students to learn, connect with the digital health community and form networks. The name T4 is derived from T402 - course code for the Health Informatics program at George Brown College.

What the students are saying

I'm learning about so many digital solutions, having them collected in one single place will help me make sense of them.

I wish I can connect to alumni in order to learn from their experience and ask them questions.

I am really nervous about finding opportunities for my coop. I need to expand my network by meeting people through events

The Solution

Features include learning about Health Informatics, the Canadian Healthcare System, Digital Solutions, matching to mentors, job search, chat events, blog posts by students and a chat forum for students to stay connected to each other.

The Approach

A requirement analysis was conducted with questionnaire to assess the need for the solution. Stakeholder engagement was carried out with the coordinator of the Health Informatics program and the Chair of the school of Information technology.

The Result

A fully functional website with over 30 interactive and responsive pages.